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Below are a few examples of my compositions.

This is a new website in 2023. I will be adding more material from my backlog in due course.

Do you need some music specially composed for an event, or to suit your particular instrumental or choral ensemble?
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God So Loved The World (2024)

For SAB choir. Suitable for a small parish choir, or as an alternative to the commonly-used settings by Stainer and Goss.

(Video score)
Double Trouble (2024)

Duet for two Violas View score.

Organ Concerto (2022)

This was the final composition project for my BMus.

In the history of organ concerti, there is a a huge gulf between the works of the Baroque period (most notably those of Handel) and the large-scale symphonic and highly virtuosic works for organ and orchestra in the 19th to 21st centuries, by the likes of Poulenc and Saint-Saëns. My aim was to write an organ concerto that fits between those two extremes: one that could be played by a competent (but not necessarily virtuosic) organist on any church organ of two or three manuals, with a small orchestra. This is the result, for organ, two trumpets and strings.

If you are an organist or representative of a musical ensemble interested in performing this work, please contact me.

(Electronic realisation)
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (2020)

A setting of the Evensong Canticles (SATB, with organ), suitable for use by a parish choir. View score.

View video score with audio (generated from music notation software)
Meditation on Veni Creator (2020)

For solo Cello. A quiet meditation, elaborating on the old plainsing chant, Veni Creator Spiritus. View score.

A Few Anxious Moments (2020)

For String Quartet. View score.

If you are a string player with a quartet interested in performing this short piece, please contact me.

View video score with audio (generated from music notation software)
Humoresque (2020)

For solo Flute. A playful, fun piece in 6/8 time for unaccompanied flute. The melodic line has a tendency to land on some slightly unexpected notes - with humorous effect intended, hence the title. View score.

As Now the Sun's Declining Rays (2017)

An anthem for Evensong (SATB, with organ), very suitable for use by a parish choir. View score.

Meditation on Monk's Gate (2010)

For organ. Based on the hymn tune, Monk's Gate ("Who would true valour see").

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Toccata (2009)

For Organ. A bright toccata, characterised by a repeating semiquaver pattern, following the tradition of some famous French toccatas... but easier to play! The notes fall under the fingers more naturally. Suitable for use by church organists as a postlude. View score.

Video Score

Start of Toccata live on the Sydney Opera House organ
Communion Setting for Two-Part Choir and Organ (2009)  Free Download! 

A straightforward, melodic, traditional communion setting (Kyrie, Sanctus-Benedictus, Agnus Dei, Gloria) which may be sung by any combination of voices in two parts (see cover sheet for more detail). Especially useful for a small parish choir with limited numbers. View score.

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May be downloaded and used freely for non-profit purposes.
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More to come...

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