Composing for the Screen

Need an original music soundtrack composed for your video?

Maybe I can help! Contact me to discuss.

Below are a couple of examples of video clips to which I have added my own original musical soundtracks.

Bear Chase

This video was originally posted on YouTube by 'MrGregor' here. Various people have since shown the clip to be a hoax using CGI, but it's great material for which to compose a soundtrack! I scored this for full orchestra and created the audio using libraries of sampled orchestral instruments.

Dung Beetle

This video is from a 1996 documentary, "Microcosmos : Le peuple de l'herbe" by Claude Nuridsany and Marie Pérennou. The original can be seen here on YouTube. It was interesting to hear the music of the original soundtrack after I had composed my version (the copy I used for composing had the sound removed). They are both very different!

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